Introducing Stephanie…

Stephanie Kemp is an undergraduate studying Geography at St. Peter’s College and wants to ensure that the fee hike doesn’t stop students applying to Oxford.
Stephanie Kemp


When I was applying to university, I originally wasn’t planning to apply to Oxford because I never thought I would have the chance of being offered a place. My decision to apply to Oxford was based on the recommendations of my teachers. I probably would not have applied if I had not been encouraged by them. I loved the course here and life in Oxford looks so exciting, with so much happening all the time. When I think back at all the incredible opportunities I have had here, I can’t believe that I almost didn’t apply! I now take the opportunity as often as possible to help with the many access schemes running and to help others, as others helped me when I visited the open days.

I would hate to think that someone else worthy of a place would miss out on an Oxford education, whether it is for a lack of accurate information, low confidence, or for financial reasons. The tuition fee rise is bound to make students think twice about applying to university, and for this reason it is so important to make sure that all those who have the ability are still able to study at Oxford with the help of bursaries and scholarships.


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