Christy’s efforts to support Widening Participation at Oxford

Christy Rush is studying BA Law with Law Studies in Europe at Magdalen College and has put a lot of time and effort into proving that Oxford is a viable option for students who are from less privileged backgrounds. The University is working hard to increase student funding in the form of scholarships and bursaries and we are grateful to students like Christy who are helping us spread the word. Here is Christy’s story. 

Christy Rush

I was ten years old when I visited Oxford and declared to my parents that I was going to do whatever it took to study at the University. Eight years later, I arrived at Magdalen College to study Law with Law Studies in Europe.

On first sighting, I was impressed by the beauty of the city, the diverse and scholarly atmosphere, and the sheer amount of activity that seemed to be taking place around me. As I grew older, I became aware that my impressions years earlier were only just scratching the surface. The Law course I am reading has an unrivaled reputation and has given me the opportunity to explore the subject directly with some of its leading experts, who have challenged me beyond what I thought was ever possible. My course also provided me with the amazing opportunity to study abroad – last year I studied European and International Law at Leiden University in the Netherlands, an incredible experience which significantly broadened my horizons, but also made me appreciate the skills Oxford has given me. I have been incredibly fortunate to make friends from all walks of life and become involved in all sorts of activities. I have found that every student at Oxford is completely different and brings a unique perspective to every task, yet we are all united by a common love of learning.

Before going abroad, I participated in a shadowing scheme for pupils from a school in an underprivileged area in order to dispel some of the common myths that pervade perceptions of Oxford. I also participated in Oxford’s e-mentoring programme, through which I gave advice to a young pupil and was able to encourage him to take the necessary steps for applying to Oxford. These extremely bright pupils, who might otherwise slip through the cracks, further confirmed the importance of demonstrating that Oxford is a viable option for students who are from less privileged backgrounds.


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