Student Ambassador attends Santander event

The University of Oxford and Santander have a close partnership and Santander funds scholarships, travel awards and a whole host of other hugely beneficial causes at Oxford. Oxford is delighted to be extending its relationship with Santander for a further three years and last week held a ‘contract signing’ ceremony at LMH to celebrate our continued relationship, involving a lecture from the UK Head of Banking at Santander, followed by a delicious buffet lunch. The event was heavily attended by students and Student Ambassadors were invited to attend to represent the Development Office. Graduate Ambassador Ana Nacvalovaite came along and writes about it here…

Ana Nacvalovaite and Steve Pateman

The Santander contract signing ceremony included a lecture and Q&A session from Steve Pateman, Head of UK Banking at Santander. Mr Pateman’s lecture on ‘creating a sustainable economic recovery’ offered an honest, experienced, first hand insight into the current issues facing the finance world today and the direct impact on decision making and daily lives of businesses in the UK.

The contract signing

Mr. Pateman has worked with Santander since June 2008 and was appointed as a Member of the Santander UK Board in June 2011, becoming Executive Director, Head of UK Banking in March 2012.

Mr. Patemen, throughout his long career in the finance industry, has specialized in commercial banking, overseeing restructurings, financings, capital market and equity issues. His lecture offered an honest, experienced, first hand insight in to the current issues facing the finance world today and the direct impact on decision making in to the daily lives of businesses in the UK.

Having started his career at the age of sixteen, Steve Pateman shared his impressive and unique view of the banking industry and asked important questions on how the banking industry could aid the UK’s economic recovery. Discussing pressures of constantly changing financial regulations, political agendas and public perspective in banking, Mr Pateman focused on the importance of small and medium sized enterprises which he praised, and congratulated entrepreneurs for continuing to set up businesses and creating workplaces. Steve strongly believes in supporting and encouraging entrepreneurial spirit in the UK and stressed how important it is for banks to give people with determination and experience more chances and opportunities to finance and support their new ventures event if they had failed previously. This highlighted the differences between the popular positive approach to entrepreneurship in America and pessimistic views to ‘once a failure, always a failure’ in the UK. “At Santander we have recognized the need to change now and have decided to lead our own revolution.” Steve rightly pointed out that there is not enough shared information available about the costs behind supporting branches, financing businesses and maintaining the basics of relationship banking in the UK. He left with a clear message – a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, customers and financial service providers are dependent on each other, and only through an honest, respectful and responsible approach to banking can relationships be built, supported and remain sustainable for generations for come.

The Vice-Chancellor celebrates with his new brolly!


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