Introducing Undergraduate Beth from Merseyside

Beth Morgan has just started her second year in undergraduate Geography at St Catherine’s College and is keen to help make Oxford a viable option for talented students from all backgrounds. Read a little more about Beth here…

Beth Morgan

“As the only student in my year to gain admission to Oxford from my State Sixth Form in Merseyside, I am very much aware of the many additional difficulties and barriers facing students who come from backgrounds less prepared to guide them through the admissions process. Having made it here, I quickly became enlightened to an amazing new world beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I am also increasingly aware of the many other equally able students who come from backgrounds similar to my own, who may miss out on this opportunity due to means and situations beyond their control. It is because of this that I am passionate about increasing awareness of the University and in providing equal access opportunities towards students from all backgrounds.

My most memorable experience from my time in Oxford so far has to be that of Catz Night – my first experience of a formal dinner in Oxford to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of St Catherine’s College. The night was a perfect representation of the ways in which Oxford provides the most extraordinary opportunities for its students, unique from any other university. Not only was it my first experience of a Black Tie function, I was able to enjoy pre-dinner Champagne and an amazing formal dinner with my subject tutors, ice sculptures and a firework display set perfectly above the landscape of the college. But this is only one of the many amazing experiences I have had the privilege to be part of during my first few terms at Oxford, and it is these experiences which have made me so passionate about ensuring all those who are able to study here are given the opportunity and resources to do so.”


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