Applying to Oxford from the Brazilian Amazon

Priscilla Santos is studying for an MSc in Nature, Society and Environmental Policy at St Anne’s. Here is her story:


Studying at the University of Oxford has been invaluable for my academic and professional development. Through the Master of Science in Nature, Society and Environmental Policy, I had the opportunity to reflect on my professional experience in Brazil, informing it with a more solid theoretical basis.

Having been born and raised in the Brazilian Amazon, Oxford was a distant reality – literally and metaphorically. Studying here would not have been possible without the scholarships received from the Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust and St Anne’s College, to which I am deeply thankful.

With three years of experience as an environmental lawyer and researcher on climate change and forest governance in the Amazon, this opportunity has exposed me to a more international perspective on environmental policy-making. I believe this qualification has been pivotal for being selected for an internship at the Academy of European Law in Germany, where I hope to further develop my knowledge towards a more effective implementation of the rights of forest dependent people in the Amazon.

The combination of an Oxford degree and the professional experience acquired through the internship will certainly equip me with skills to make a more significant contribution to indigenous peoples and forests, which are still under threat in Brazil, and to a more sustainable development in my region.





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